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Saturday, April 25, 2009

i know i know,

no posts for like a week terrible :P, BUT! i have been in,drum roll please

it was awesome fun, and the reason i have not automatically posted photos up is because my cousin took all the photos on her camera, so when she sends them to me, they shall be here [:
ah it was so much fun! I've decided i belong in Melbourne [: i bought so many cool things I'd have to say though my two favourites' would have to be this ring i found in a cute shop called ...interesting... (& yes the dots are part of the name) and a pair of wanna-be-ray bans, which are very cute i got them from Dotti. i don't usually shop at chain stores but i saw these and fell in love, so i bought them :P here is the only current photograph with anything to do with melbourne, for now!



  1. Hope Melbourne was fun =) I usually enjoy wherever i go SO much I suffer severe depression afterwards lol

  2. it was so much fun! [:
    ha ha, i know what you mean :P
    i'm so bored now that i'm back, ha ha.