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Saturday, May 23, 2009

to be content

On this day i woke up and felt it necessary to have a movie marathon, not with friends, because, don't get me wrong i adore a movie marathon with friends as much as the next person. but today i felt as though i had to have a day to myself. and now, i know i made the right decision.
the movies i watched that gave me the feeling of content, happiness & joy were;
Elizabeth town, Marie Antoinette, Raising Helen, Pretty Woman & Under the Tuscan Sun.
these five movies may not be your favourite. but today they were mine. they all left me feeling that in this world your dreams are possible, but don't you dare think for a second their gunna happen by them selves. no, you have to work for them & then & only then will you achieve true content.
let me know how you felt today, and what made you feel that way.
have a lovely evening all.

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